DND Nail Polish Colors & Gel Sets

Daisy Nail Design, also known as DND, has been manufacturing nail polish for over a decade. One of their most recent innovations is a two-step gel that doesn’t require either a bond or a base coat. As they point out, leaving out those steps saves time and money. And believe it or not, a Daisy Duo manicure can last up to three weeks.

When I first heard about Daisy Nail Design, I looked to see if I could find their website. Since they are located in California, I was able to track down just a couple of pieces of information. First, they appear to sell to salons directly. And second, it is possible to buy their nail lacquers online from resellers, or from a beauty supply store.

So how does their Daisy Duo process work? I’ll tell you more about it below.

Simple, straightforward manicure

Here is what I learned about how to apply Daisy Duo nail polish. The steps are as follows:

  • Prepare nails by buffing and cleaning them
  • Paint on a thin layer of the gel color coat
  • Cure for 30 seconds under an LED lamp, or 2 minutes under ultraviolet light
  • Apply a second layer of color and cure that as well
  • Finish by applying the top gel coat and setting it under a lamp
  • Remove any sticky residue with a lint-free wipe or pad

As you can see, you only need the gel color and the top coat. You don’t need a bond or a base coat. Just the color and the top coat by themselves cure hard enough endure up to three weeks.

Just as important, you have the flexibility of curing them under either ultraviolet or LED light. If you use an LED lamp, your nail will cure in as little as 30 seconds.

When I learned all of the above information, I was excited to imagine how this kind of manicure would save me a great deal of time and money over visiting a salon.

Extra benefits of the Daisy Duo gel polish

Another bonus I discovered about the Daisy Duo gel polish is that it has no odor. It doesn’t make a stink when I paint my nails. It also doesn’t tend to run or drip as much as some nail lacquers I’ve used in the past. And when it’s time to remove it, I can soak off the gel with acetone in about 20 minutes.

Shopping for DND gels

When you shop for a Daisy Duo Gel, you’ll get a white bottle with the colored polish gel and a clear bottle with matching nail lacquer. Each bottle is half an ounce or 15 mL. Of course you’ll want to purchase the clear Top Gel if it’s not part of the package you select. While you can use another brand’s top coat, your manicure may not look as good for as long.

As of this year, there are over 100 colors in the DND palette. When you look at the bottle, you’ll get a fairly good idea of how the color will look. But it’s best to look at swatches to see the final result ahead of time.

Some users have reported that neon colors need more than two coats to look opaque. But many customers are enchanted with all the many vibrant glitter polishes. And there are lots and lots of these shimmery shades.

Besides the eye-catching shades like Sapphire Stone and Pinky Kinky, you can enjoy neutrals like Fairy Dream or Snow Flake. And like any gel, you can up the ante with stencils and other nail art like holographic accents.

Tips for better manicures at home

Whenever you do your own manicure or take the time to care for someone else’s nails, here are a few tips to make it easier.

  • Careful preparation prevents disaster
  • Preparation includes setting up supplies and preparing your nails, but not washing hands!
  • A light touch with thin layers works best
  • Keep gel polish off your skin to avoid lifting later

And now, I’ll give you a little explanation of each of those four steps. First, if you get organized before you begin, you won’t have to interrupt yourself in the middle because you forgot wipes or an angled brush to remove mishaps. Grab your lamp, plug it in, and round up all those supplies.

Second, if you do a first-rate job removing the old polish, pushing back cuticles, and buffing, you’re almost guaranteed to end up with a beautiful, long-lasting manicure. But one thing you should do is NOT wash your hands. It’s always best to apply polish to very dry nails.

Third, when painting on gel polish, use thin layers. Even if the polish seems transparent, that will change as you add additional coats. Cure each coat for the recommended length of time. If you don’t set the polish properly, it will be tacky and will self-destruct in no time at all.

Fourth, make sure you only paint the nail, not the skin around the nail. If there is a bridge between the polish on the nail and the skin, the gel will lift and flake.

If you follow these tips, you’re likely to have beautiful nails every time, especially when the DND polish is so easy to use.


If you love doing manicures and pedicures at home, you may fall in love with the Daisy Duo gels. They are straightforward to apply and less expensive than many competing polishes. Just as important, they are tough enough to last up to three weeks without chipping and fading.

If you are health – conscious, you’ll see it’s a pleasure to work with the DND gels because they don’t have a strong odor and they can cure in 30 seconds under an LED lamp. You won’t need to deal with toxic fumes or expose yourself to ultraviolet radiation.

Overall, I’m pleased to cut out extra steps by leaving out bond and a base coat. I’m also thrilled to have so many colors to choose in the Daisy Duo palette. I hope you’ll enjoy this gel polish as much as I do.

DND Gel Polish Review

If you have manicure obsession and haven’t heard about gel nail polish, you are really missing out. Gel nail polish has changed the nail industry with its brilliant abilities. You can totally trust it for a shiny, smooth, colorful and long-lasting manicure. On top of that, gel nail polish is easily and quickly accomplished by a professional manicurist or even by yourself.

All you’ll need is gel nail polish (top and base coat) and a UV or LED nail lamp. How easy does it sound? However, the quality of gel polish is important in order to achieve a great, long lasting manicure. DND Gel Polish is one of the top best gel nail polish brands that promise to give you the result you want.

Buy DND gel polish here

Why should you choose DND gel polish?

DND has a much thinner formula that feels like traditional nail polish, so it can be easy to work with and not feel heavy on your nails. With 235 colors, DND has a wide range to choose from including standard colors ranging from warm neutrals to quirky brights, some metallic and even some glitter options, so it is perfect for all occasions.

One thing that makes DND gel polish more unique is that it is fused with essential vitamins to help nails stronger, healthier and stunning for weeks. If applied correctly, DND nail polish has an amazing staying power and last up to 21 days.

Like other gel polish brands, you are going to need the DND Base Coat and DND Top Coat for your manicure to keep the color shiny and to last as long as possible. Recently, DND just launches the 600 DND Top Coat, which no wipe-off or cleansing required to remove the stickiness.

600 dnd top coat


Offers a wide range of colors

Feels thinner

Last up to 21 days

Fused with vitamins that make nails stronger, healthier and stunning for weeks

Price is affordable


Longer removal process

How does DND gel polish work?

1. Gently buff the surface of the nails with 180/240 buffer, so the gel polish has a rougher surface to stick to

2. Clean the oil/dirt from your nail

3. Apply 1st thin layer of DND gel color

4. Cure under UV lamp for 2 minutes or under LED lamp for 60 seconds

5. Apply 2nd layer of DND gel color

6. Cure again under UV lamp for 2 minutes or under LED lamp for 60 seconds

7. Use a lint-free pad/nail wipes with nail cleanser to remove the stickiness on the nail. (you don’t need to do this step if you use the 600 DND Top Gel)

How to remove gel polish?

Removing gel nail polish can get tricky if you have not done that before, but it’s still doable as long as you are patient and follow the instruction step by step. First, you should file the surface of the gel polish to help speed up the process. Then, you soak the gel nails in pure acetone or gel polish remover for up to 20 minutes to loosen their bond on the nail. You should be able to push it off with a cuticle pusher tool.

Otherwise, if you’re unsure about this, you can get your gel nail polish removed at a nail salon.


Having a gel manicure is surely convenient since it won’t chip until 2 or 3 weeks later. However, you couldn’t deny the fact that getting gel manicure often could weaken your nail beds due to the removal process. DND best gel polish, fused with essential vitamins, will be the perfect solution for this problem.

What is DND?

DND is a brand of nail products founded in the USA in the heart of Southern California. DND stands for Daisy Nail Design. It is made up of and extensive line of colors in various product types. The first product release was the gel and lacquer duo. This was followed up by another set of duos known as the Cats eyes collection. The newest addition is the DC collection. This also comes in a gel and lacquer duo as well as a new dipping powder format.

Why is it so great?

It is Made in USA. You can Forget about base coats, bond-aids, and primers. DND Soak Off Gel Polish provides a luminous nail color that applies faster, feels thinner, and lasts longer with a fast two-step professional system. DND Gel Nail Polish is fused with essential vitamins that makes nails stronger, healthier, as well as stunning for weeks!

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